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“Using PrepBusiness for my prep centre has been a godsend. Before, we were receiving as many as a hundred emails a day with customer questions such as, “Where is my inventory; have you received it?”, “Did my shipment go out?” “Why did you charge me that amount? I want a refund!”

It was driving us crazy, and we felt terrible about not being able to give the quality customer service our clients deserved. The warehouse staff was doing a great job, but the software we were using was confusing to our customers and staff alike and didn’t offer the features we needed.

The idea of moving everything over to new prep warehouse software in the middle of a busy season was scary, to say the least. But then we set up our new portal, and we sent out login invitations to clients. Then, overnight, things changed for the better.

Customers started telling us how easy it was to work with the new portal. The number of email questions and complaints dropped precipitously. Clients loved that the portal sent out automatic emails when inventory arrived or shipped out. They could log into the portal day or night and see the status of their inventory, create inbound and outbound shipments, and give us their instructions. And, a big plus, clients could see the charges in detail. Billing questions dropped to almost zero.

My staff loved the portal. The warehouse could quickly see what needed to do. The bookkeeper signed in relief as billing became a piece of cake. And the customer service staff wondered what to do with their time when most of the emails were about opening accounts.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the Prep Business software changed our lives. I went from dreading coming to work to feeling the excitement about the business I had when we first started. I know that our customers love the ease of working with the portal because I hear about it all the time.

Dr. Josie Shepard
Dr. Josie Shepard
Operations Manager, Prep It! Pack It! Ship It!

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