The easy way to
manage a Prep Center

Delight your clients and streamline your operations with an all-in-one platform for your prep center, including a self-serve portal for your clients.

Automation makes happy clients.

Self-Serve Client Portal

Dozens of emails back-and-forth with your clients is a thing of the past. Clients can login and make requests, send items, and check the status of their shipments.

Efficient Team

Your team no longer will be spending hours on paperwork for billing, shipment tracking, and spreadsheet management. It's all automated for you.

Faster Turnaround Times

PrepBusiness automates time-consuming tasks like creating shipments on Seller Central, and ensures that every client request is met, so you spend less time reworking items.

Clients Stay Updated

Whenever anything important happens on their account, clients are automatically notified about it. No need to send yet another email that a shipment has been sent; it's already been done.

Transparency for your Clients

Many clients hear horror stories of prep centers stealing inventory by underreporting items. Give them the insights they need to know that you're different.

  • Helpful Insights

    Your clients will see the big picture view and have clear insight into every step of the process.

  • Resolve Issues

    PrepBusiness will automatically detect issues in the prep process and alert clients when they need to make decision about things like damaged or missing items.

Receive Shipments Accurately

Quickly compare what was received with the expected amounts, mark items as damaged or missing, and convert the shipment to an Amazon shipment.

  • Automatic Billing

    Any chargable activity that you perform for a client will be charged automatically to their account.

  • Reconcile Inventory

    Make sure your inventory matches what is in the warehouse with an easy-to-use reconcile tool.

  • Client Requests

    If a client has a specific request for an item or a shipment, they can easily add that service. If they need something custom, they can add a note to the shipment.

Better Amazon Shipments

  • No More Small Shipments

    By using the case quantity feature and by pre-planning shipments before creating them on Amazon, you can avoid tiny shipments saving you and your client time and money.

  • Automatic Tracking

    The portal will automatically tracking inbound and Amazon shipments so that you and your client have insight along every step of the process.

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