Account Details

    Edit team profile

    Easily update your team name and photo in your team profile.

    Manage team members

    Invite new members and edit old ones. Manage your team from one site in an organized manner.

    Change account password

    Keep your portal account secure by updating your password.

    Connect client account to Amazon

    Configure your client’s account with Amazon through the portal.

    Edit personal information

    Update your profile in your account settings.

    Configure notification emails for specific internal notifications

    Send specific notifications to different people. Your employees don’t need to get notifications that don’t apply to them.

    Manage specific client notifications

    Edit your clients’ notifications all from one page. No need to notify them yourself.

    Edit client details

    Access and edit your client’s details if needed.

    Charges & Billing

    Delete charge

    Once you create a charge it is not permanent. Deleting charges is very simple.

    Export charge details

    Export all of a charge’s details to a spreadsheet with a couple of clicks.

    Make custom charges

    Charge your clients completely through the portal. Charge all your custom and service charges through the portal.

    Create discounts

    Create discounts which will automatically register when your client meets the customized discount requirements.

    Configure billable services

    Add or edit all available billable services from one location.

    Mark invoice as paid

    Keep track of all your payments on the portal by marking your invoices as paid.

    Check bill correctness

    Check the accuracy of each charge by comparing its numbers with the numbers in that shipment.

    Invoice charges

    Invoice specific changes at any time.

    Automatic billing calculations

    Access the automated charges made to your clients. Inputs and outputs are included so you and your client verify the calculations.

    Create & Edit Shipments

    Delete shipments

    Delete any amount of shipments at a time.

    Duplicate a shipment

    Save time by duplicating your Amazon shipments instead of manually creating the same shipment.

    Creating Inbound shipments

    Create shipments for your clients in one simple step.

    Convert inbound shipment to Amazon shipment

    Convert an inbound shipment to an Amazon shipment without recreating any of the shipment manually.

    Import Amazon shipment

    Save time by importing premade Amazon shipments instead of manually creating the same shipment repeatedly.

    Receive Inbound shipments into inventory

    Record the reception of inventory into your warehouse with a few clicks.

    Add Items to shipments

    Add any inventory items to a shipment for your clients from a single location.

    Organize Shipments

    Export shipment details

    Convert all of a shipment’s details to a spreadsheet with a couple of clicks.

    Archive Shipments

    Keep your shipments organized by archiving select shipments.

    Merge Inbound Shipments

    Make shipments more efficient by merging two or more inbound shipments together.

    Advanced item searching (title, SKU, identifier)

    Search through shipments efficiently by using advanced searches.

    Shipment Services

    Create bundle for item

    Convert an inventory item into a bundle and add different items to the bundle.

    Tracking numbers for Inbound shipments

    Add a tracking number to your shipments so you can track them more closely using an ETA.

    Add attachments to shipments

    Attach additional information for a shipment to that specific shipment.

    Add service to item

    Add a service to an item in one location and the item’s services will be updated everywhere.

    Add billable services for shipments

    Specify how you want each shipment delivered to your warehouse.

    Enter expiry dates for items

    Instead of manually updating each item’s expiry date to the same date, update them all with only one edit.

    Ship in case quantities

    Avoid tiny shipments and save you and your client time and money by using the case quantity feature.

    Shipment Notes

    Exchange notes with your clients on any shipment. Stay on the same page without dozens of back-and-forth emails.

    Shipping & Tracking

    Tag shipments

    Categorize shipments arbitrarily using customized tags.

    Download Pick List for shipments

    Download a Pick List for each Amazon shipment you ship. All you have to do is fill it out!

    Alternative Addresses for Amazon shipments

    Ship your Amazon shipments to alternative warehouses.

    Ship Inbound shipments

    Send an inbound shipment from the comfort of your warehouse.

    Enter Box Content Information

    Customize each shipment box and its contents for your shipments.

    Non-Partnered Amazon Shipments (Small Parcel, LTL/FTL)

    Ship shipments independent of Amazon. Customize your carrier and transport method.

    Amazon Partnered Shipments (Small Parcel, LTL/FTL)

    Ship with Amazon while choosing your transport method.

    Arrange Transport of a shipment

    Customize the transportation details for each shipment yourself.

    Track Amazon shipment status

    Check whether Amazon shipments are open, created or closed.

    ETA of an Inbound shipment

    Access the estimated time of arrival for an inbound shipment.

    Tracking Inbound shipment status

    Check whether inbound shipments are open, has been shipped or has been received at the warehouse.

    Automatic shipment labels for Amazon

    Receive shipping labels automatically when you send your Amazon shipment with no extra charge!

    Track Inventory

    Add adjustment to inventory items

    When an inventory items gets lost, found, damaged etc. you can adjust the recorded quantity of an that item with a few clicks.

    Fix damaged/lost items

    Items with errors are automatically categorized so you and your client can mark them as fixed or unsellable when the items have been assessed closer.

    View history of item

    Viewing the history of an inventory item enables you to track it manually when records of an item are in-congruent with the quantity in your warehouse.

    Reconcile inventory

    The reconcile tool makes it easy to check and fix the concurrency between your inventory records and what is physically in your warehouse.

    Record damaged/lost items

    Record inventory items as damaged or lost as they enter your warehouse in a few steps. The resulting change of inventory records are automatically updated.

    Update Inventory

    Add a listing for item

    Add a new listing of an item to one or all of your channels.

    Create case for item

    Create multiple case size options for an item.

    Edit dimensions of item

    If a client changes the size of their item no need to create a new item! Edit the dimensions of an item in a few steps.

    Add identifier to item

    Add an identifier to an item to make searching for the item easier.

    Sync inventory with Amazon

    Sync all your inventory with Amazon with the click of one button.

    Export inventory to spreadsheet

    Convert all your inventory details to a single spreadsheet with a couple of clicks.

    Add items to inventory

    Add items to your inventory and add the items to your connected channels in the process.

    Upload spreadsheet of items to inventory

    Add multiple items to your inventory at once by uploading a spreadsheet.

    Delete items from inventory

    Delete any number of items from your inventory at a time.

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