Up to 5,000 units for $175 a month

Each additional 5,000 units charged at $100 a month

Discounts available for annual payments, volume (over 25k units), and start-up prep centers.

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Automate your Prep Center

All-in-one platform

Reduce client support emails/calls, win more business, lower staffing costs, and ship items faster.

  • Never log in to Seller Central again.
  • Plan your Amazon shipments, adjust and cancel shipments before they are created on Amazon
  • White label - Run PrepBusiness on your own domain with your own logo.
  • Automatic notifications for your clients when a shipment is received, sent to Amazon
  • Upload photos of damaged items, client can resolve from their portal
  • Reconciling tools to maintain accurate inventory counts
  • Automatic billing for prep services and shipment charges.
  • Print FNSKU and shipping labels, straight to your printer
  • Unlimited clients, users, charges, and shipments.
  • Clients can self-serve on their own portal.

Frequently asked questions

What are units?
We charge based on the number of items or units that are shipped to Amazon from your facility. A unit is an individual item, not a carton or a pallet. If you ship 10 cartons with 24 items each, that is considered 240 units.
What if I go over the number of units in a month?
We don't have any hard limits on the number of units you can send. If you have regular monthly overages, then we will get in touch to renegotiate your price.
What if charging per unit doesn't make sense for my prep center?
If you are charging your customers based on something other than units processed for them, get in touch with us and we'll work out a fair price that makes sense for your situation.
What is the start-up prep center price?
If you are just getting started and only have a few customers, we will charge you $99/m for your first year.
What do I do if I have questions or issues?
Support is available by email at support@prepbusiness.com, or if you need white glove support, we can build that into your contract. That could include being on our Slack channel or phone support.
What is the annual and volume discount?
If you pay annually, you receive two months free (16.6% discount). If you are doing higher volumes (approx. over 25,000 units a month), get in touch and we will work with you to find a fair price point.

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