What’s New - Check-In Inbound Shipments

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Give your clients peace of mind by checking in inbound shipments as soon as they arrive, rather than waiting until you have time to receive them.

Check-In Inbound Shipments

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To check-in an inbound shipment, your client must have added tracking numbers to the shipment. Once tracking numbers have been added, you can open the tracking numbers slideover. Previously, you could only view the tracking numbers.

Now, you can either click the “Check In” button, or you can scan a shipment label using your barcode scanner and that tracking number will be automatically checked in.

Using Customer Balances on Stripe

If you would like your clients to pre-pay for their services, you can use Stripe’s customer balance feature to do so. First, collect a payment from your customer outside of the portal (either directly on Stripe, or using another payment method such as cheque or wire transfer). Next, on Stripe, adjust the customer’s balance.


The customer balance will then be displayed on the Invoices page.


Once there is a balance on Stripe, when you finalize and lock invoices, the balance will be applied automatically to that invoice.

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