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Printing labels just got a lot easier. Connect PrepBusiness directly to your FNSKU and shipping label printers and ditch PDF printing altogether.

After last month's release of the label printing feature, we received lots of feedback about how to streamline the process and make it even more efficient for your prep center. In addition, we are preparing for even more advanced features in the future related to external devices.

In short, we removed the requirement to have your own AZLabels account, and instead of setting up your printer settings, you will now be creating stations.

You can think of a station as a distinct workstation that has a set of devices that a single user would use to print FNSKU and shipping labels. You can have many separate stations, each assigned to a user, as well as easily switch between stations as needed.

When you login to your center, you will notice two new icons at the top right, representing the status of your barcode label printer (for FNSKUs) and your shipping label printer. They will both be offline (red) since you have not yet created a station.


You can follow the instructions in our help article to get your stations created and set up properly. Once you have the stations set up, print jobs will be sent directly to your printer rather than having to download a PDF and print it manually, a big time saver.

Design System

A bit more technical here: We are moving away from modals as our primary way for you to make a short interaction without leaving the page in favour of slideovers. You can see this new system in action with notifications, station switching, and adding items to a shipment.



Bug Fixes

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