What’s New - Importing Shipments from Amazon

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Today's updates including importing previously created shipments from Seller Central, billing clients by shipment, and item reconciliation.

Here's a look at all the features and changes that we've added to PrepBusiness.

Import Shipments From Amazon

If your customers are using their own software to create shipments on Amazon, they may not want to repeat the work of creating that shipment in the portal. Now, there's any easy for your client or your team to import those shipments from Amazon.

Importing a shipment will create both an inbound shipment that the client can mark as shipped to you, and a matching outbound shipment. Both shipments will import the name, shipment ID, and list of items directly from Amazon.

Bill Clients Per Shipment

If you would like to bill your customers for each shipment instead of monthly, just head to the Client Details page and update their billing cycle to be "Per Shipment". Once set, your client will be invoiced every time you send a shipment to Amazon.

Show Expected Vs. Received Quantities

It is now more clear the expected quantities that the client entered and the amount that the prep center actually received.

Per Item Reconciliation

Item quantities not matching up like you think they should? You can now select items in the inventory and get all the details what happened to that item.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now set the client per item adjustment back to zero if you set it previously.
  • Fixed getting images for items with spaces in their SKU
  • Don't allow received shipments to be merged
  • Checkboxes weren't behaving properly after a failed delete attempt on a shipment
  • Editing quantities after a shipment was received was changing the expected quantity rather than the actual quantity
  • Fixed an issue processing images that were uploaded to the portal

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